Your Local Safari, Beach Holiday and Mountain Climbing Specialists

Who We Are?

Tanzania is our home and we are passionate about travel

Tima Tours and Safaris is a boutique Zanzibar beach holiday, and Tanzania Wildlife Safari provider and a Mount Kilimanjaro adventure consultant. Tima literally “boutique” is an experience creator of innovative safaris, unique beach holiday and active adventure treks. We exist to inspire lives through travel and to participate in the broader transformation of the tourism space. There is a huge opportunity to support and catalyze global community in interactive ways, this is about the potential to reframe what’s possible through travel and redefine what it means to show up in East Africa.

What We DO?

Our work is exploring safari destinations, and the archipelago of Zanzibar with a purpose of helping travellers plan their trips to Tanzania in the most suitable and fitting ways per specific and general travel interests and potentials!

Our mission is to match your wish-list with personalized experiences by aplying efficiency, expertise and reliability. We ensure that your trip exceeds your expectations because it enhances our integrity and we are able to support the local community meaningfully and most important getting remarkable feedback from you at the end of your safari holiday is the most fulfilling part for our team.

We listen to your dream holiday wish-list keenly in order to create a suitable trip program. Whether your wish is to enjoy a rest and relaxing dream holiday on the spectacular beaches of Zanzibar or to kick up dust on action-packed game drives, indulging in the comforts of an all-inclusive lodge, or sharing your child’s first giraffe encounter. We can advise you appropriately how to travel. We will tell you where the great wildebeest migration will be happening, and our driver guides will take you to the best tree for a picnic and the perfect place for a sundowner cocktail on your Tanzania safari.

Why Us?

First off, we clearly prioritize transparency, the customer experience, and sustainable community driven models. Second, we invest in our capability to shorten the path to give insight as we identify new opportunities. We have been able to understand that people will be coming for the Tanzania and Zanzibar Island experiences from different parts of the world and that they will have different kinds of past experiences with travel, different experiences with cultural exchange, different sorts of expectations, and different willingness to try new things – we want to create an environment in which everyone can participate and explore the destinations with enjoyment.

At Tima Tours and Safaris we work to develop a deep sense of mutual understanding, and respect within the local communities we engage, to this end, it’s absolutely necessary to consider the local perspective and experience just as importantly as the traveller’s. This helps us uncover the possible pathways to shared value and more meaningful travel experiences.

We create experiences that will be cherished for the rest of your life and we hope that you will feel a spark of delight, or potential, or opportunity, and want to carry that with you long after our time together has come and gone. We hope that the local community experiences enhance a sense of respect and authentic engagement, whether that is in Zanzibar Island or in the mainland Tanzania, or in any one of the new destinations and experiences we are bringing to life. Because when we are collectively open, and curious and empowered we have all the tools to realize new ways to grow and learn.