Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Venues on Zanzibar Island

A destination wedding on Zanzibar Island that is well planned and coordinated is nothing short of a magical experience, and all things romantic. Zanzibar’s sensational shorelines vary in tranquility and tidal/non-tidal coastal-areas. Knowing the suitable venues is quite important for couples when it comes to choosing a location that fits their reception preferences and place of stay niceties. Combining this natural delight of a beautiful setting and the honor we feel when people travel from far and wide to discover Zanzibar Island, rejuvenate on the beaches and celebrate their wedding on our shores and you have the perfect hosts for a romantic Island spicy celebration with every detail taken care of so you can relax and bask while reminiscing in each other’s joy in union.

In a nutshell, the East Coast of Zanzibar which spans from Michamvi to Jambiani has some of the most preferred wedding venues and luxurious beach resorts that provide ideal privacy, quality stays and meals in an area that is not crowded by many folks, and visitors at the resorts. The south coast from Kizimkazi to Fumba Menai Bay offers great exclusivity and a local community where local weddings are common on Fridays. The North Coast that stretches from Pongwe to Nungwi is also quite suitable for destination weddings and is even better for honeymooners and anniversary commemoration on beach holidays. Stone Town brings out the gracefully and heartily on the warmth, hospitality and harmony of the Zanzibari Culture for impressive celebration for couples, friends and family while enjoying the best food and drinks available.

The East Coast’s Suitable and Captivating Venues
The East Coast has the perfect places for wedding venues that are ideal for small intimate gatherings to a grand reception and the beach resorts compliment by fulfilling newlyweds unique dream experiences’ with idyllic stays that are refreshing yet gratifying. The relatively new Qambani Beach Resort is the perfect venue for a wedding on the private beach in front of the resort which is not frequented by passersby and fishermen. The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar on the Michamvi area is a superb choice too for weddings and its short distance to the nearby beach resorts makes it a great venue for bringing love, friendship, laughter, enchanting music, great food, fun and memories for a unique wedding.

The South Coast: Fumba and Menai Bay Area
Fumba Beach is a hideaway place that is stunning for weddings and other special treats with a mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean under celestial blue skies. From Fumba Bay, sailing in your private catamaran with family and friends to secluded white sandy islets and exchanging vows followed by a celebratory Champagne, canapés, and a romantic sunset dinner makes the big day that much special. Fumba is the exotic part of Zanzibar with miles of powdery white beaches lapped with warm turquoise Indian Ocean waters, fringed with coconut palms and interspersed with fishing villages with friendly people who are welcoming. Fumba Beach Lodge is an ideal place to stay at; before and after tying the knot on the nearby beach or on a desert island in the ocean and returning to secluded beachside private villas.

The North East and North Coast of Zanzibar Venues
The North East stretch from Pongwe Beach to Matemwe has some secluded beaches which are very ideal for weddings and the tranquility of the area is that much better after a destination wedding on Zanzibar Island. The area has few boutique hotels in pristine areas and a short boat trip to the atoll of Mnemba Marine Park is quite a highlight to experience. The northern coast commonly known as Nungwi Peninsula is quite vibey with more happenings year-round and the nearby fishing and boat making village of Nungwi and the turtle center make for an enticing cultural experience on visits during the stay. Stays at the Pongwe Hotel, Villa Kiva, Matmwe Lodge and Riu Palace Zanzibar are perfect choices for weddings, and honeymoon accommodations.

Central Zanzibar: Stone Town and Surrounding Areas

It may come with no surprise that Stone Town and its surrounding areas are the most common for Zanzibar weddings; there are quite a range to choose from and even more exciting activities to enjoy in, and around the Old Town of Zanzibar. Experiencing the historical Spice Island magical old town, and the spectacular seafront during a wedding, elevates the mood at wedding receptions at the several spectacular venues. The unforgettable romantic rose-colored sunset backdrops across the Indian Ocean and the opulent Swahili décor of Zanzibar Serena Hotel offers the perfect place to stay. The nearby Mbweni Ruins and Mtoni Marine have natural beauty and the bustling charm of the legendary Old Fort’s mystical venue provides for an enchanting setting. There are isolated sandbank islands near Stone Town that are ideal for private wedding receptions.

We do not take weddings lightly… our team works tirelessly to ensure a smooth yet quality occasion. We help, and work with soon to be married couples, and coordinators to make the best from their choice of Zanzibar Island as their destination wedding venue of choice. Zanzibar Weddings and Honeymoons are the perfect romantic getaway to Zanzibar to celebrate the special occasion as Zanzibar continues to evoke a mystical and magical dream for centuries, making it the perfect choice for marking major life unions in an exceptional dream come true style. The combination of turquoise blue seas, white powder sandy beaches and waving palm trees with a rich and mesmerizing Swahili culture, fabulous cuisine, and stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean make it uniquely magical. With the palm fringed untouched beach, great attention to detail and a personal touch, we cater to several locations that are perfect for couples, families and friends to celebrate their special occasion wonderfully.