Highlights on Serengeti Wildebeest Calving Season

Some of the specialist all-inclusive accommodations that are located in southern Serengeti area (Kusini) and the mobile tented camps that, commence the relocation from central Serengeti (Seronera) to Kusini, and Lake Ndutu Area in the southern Serengeti: to offer safari-goers the most suitable chance to witness the phenomenal wildebeest calving season. Some of the few permanent tented accommodations such as the luxurious Lake Masek Tented Lodge in the southern Serengeti area happen to be under canvas with raised platforms in the heart of the scenic wilderness. Among our preferred – handpicked mobile camps are; Ndutu Under Canvas and Mbugani Migration Camp which timely follows the wildebeests in the ideal locales for convenient wildlife watching and game viewing drives in the southern Serengeti area.

In the 23 years we have been operating safaris in Tanzania, coordinating Kilimanjaro treks and beach holidays on Zanzibar Island, we have seen it all and we are here to make sure you are well prepared for it all. From trip planning, knowledgeable guides, safety considerations to getting ready for the food and climate, we have all the answers to your pre-departure questions. Tanzania has been one of Africa’s most stable countries – it has been referred to “the Switzerland of Africa”. From the welcoming friendly people who always take care of guests, and safari-goers. After full days of wildlife viewing, resting up at either of the handpicked camps and lodges, which offer authentic African charm and modern-day conveniences. 

Generally East Africa has the best year-round wildlife viewing, and we believe in custom designing safari-planners' itineraries in perfect consideration with arrival, and departure dates, and quality accommodations based on wildlife migration patterns, ideal locations and safety. In Tanzania offers the untamed wonderful safari experience and to enjoy a rejuvenating period on the Spice Island of Zanzibar anytime. Definitely, there are seasonal variations, but you will always see abundance of animals, birds and rejuvenating environments per your trip interests. Tanzania is massive, and the areas vary a lot in topography, wildlife habitation, and their presence, birdlife, cultural heritage and the Swahili coastline combine to complete the best. With quality planning, anytime of the year can be a wonderful time to visit Tanzania and enjoy some sun and beach on the Zanzibar Island.

The prime consideration to visit Tanzania happens to be the Great Wildebeest Migration which starts in Southern Serengeti in the beginning of the year and the plains herds traverse through the central – Seronera area before heading to the Western corridor then crossing the Mara River to enter the Masai Mara between August – October. The Great Migration is a year-round phenomenon where millions of mammals, mainly wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra, traversing the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in a clockwise pattern in search of food and water. The driving force of the migration is rain, and available pasture making it quite predictable through experience of the movement of the herds.

Quality stays at the Lake Masek Tented Lodge allow guests to witness the early morning mist rise on the banks of Lake Masek in the southern Serengeti expanses. Normally from the private terrace of the tents, guests can observe the wildlife of the area. The teeming wildlife visit the lake in search of water and with close proximity views, guests can enjoy magnificent views from the comfort of their room’s verandah. The period between December and April is prime for the migrating wildebeest, zebra among other animals accompanied by some predators from the adjacent Masai Mara in Kenya. It’s quite common to sport the Big Five while staying at the Lake Masek Tented Lodge due to the availability of lush foliage and following predators.

In addition, Ndutu Under Canvas allows safari-goers to live the journey of their lives in an exclusive under-canvas camp in Southern Serengeti. Set up ideally at the heart of the south of Serengeti area from December and March, Ndutu Under Canvas has three different locations during the year depending on the movements of the migrating herds. Ndutu Under Canvas epitomizes the classic safari camp style in that, it allows guests to be in the proximities of the Great Migrating Herds, allowing guests the convenience to explore remote areas that are beautiful settings of Serengeti with a large quantity of resident wildlife. Ndutu Under Canvas has only 10 tents that are fully furnished with necessary facilities/amenities to enhance the intimacy and exclusivity during the breathtaking experience.

The best value-accommodation in the Southern Serengeti area is the Mbugani Migration Camp, a mobile seasonal camp that is perched at the Lake Ndutu expanse during the period of December to March. This classic safari camp is ideally set up to follow the great migrating wildebeests as they embark on their journey from Masai Mara through the southern plains of Serengeti while staging at the Lake Ndutu area for calving season from late January. In addition, plenty of awe-inspiring moments present themselves whenever you go on safari in Tanzania allowing you to come across an abundance of varied wildlife and astounding birdlife.