The Year of Enchanting Experiences on Zanzibar Island

A Spicy Adventure in Zanzibar
The spice Island of Zanzibar is renowned for the variety of spices that are produced in the local farms. Zanzibar appeals to those who want to heighten their senses in a kaleidoscopic world of flavour. The Island has exotic aromas, spices and herbal products - discovering these delights in their natural environment on a Zanzibar Spice Tour makes for a spicy adventure and learning about their uses in details.

Sauti Za Busara Festival
In February each year, Stone Town hosts the Sauti Za Busara with a purpose to take uniquely African live music to another level for local and international audiences. The globally acclaimed extravaganza kicks off on February 13 at the Old Fort with 46 breathtaking performances from over 400 artistes on three different stages during days and nights. Most groups will be performing on this iconic stage for their very first time.

Walking around Stone Town
A gentle walk to the history, culture and lifestyle of Stone Town to discover the fabled Spice Island Old Town. See the melting-pot mentality from the graceful Arabic architecture to tasty dishes and the Swahili vibe. Visit a local marketplace for a genuine feel of the Swahili lifestyle and see lots of spices and other ingredients. Awaken your full sensory experience from the warmth of the people you meet. Stone Town’s showpiece of its grandiose waterfront, a series of monumental buildings between the port and Shangani in the southwest. 

The Rock – A Fairy Tale Restaurant Perched in the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar
If there was anywhere to travel halfway around the world for, it just might be The Rock in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This restaurant, perched on a rock in the Indian Ocean, seems dropped from a fairy tale. During high tide, it becomes a veritable island with a wooden boat taking you the short distance to shore. In low tide, you simply walk across the seaweed strewn beach to get to this magical place.

Zanzibar Cultural Experience
Explore the fishing market and centres of Zanzibar Island during a trip to north Zanzibar. Watch and about the craft of constructing the sailing dhows in Zanzibar. Enjoy a guided visit to the Nungwi Village and meet the charming locals in their everyday life element. Visit the turtle rehabilitation sanctuary and the natural aquarium. Enjoy snorkeling and sunbathing and enjoy a spectacular sundowner.

Safari Blue Dhow Experience
Glide through the translucent ocean and watch the diverse marine life. Snorkel over different reefs and take advantage of the guide’s expertise. Swim in the shallow waters or lay on the beach of a large powdery sandbank. Enter the lagoon and find a natural swimming pool that is calm & perfect for a swim. Explore Kwale Island – view coral formations and discover hermit crabs or climb an ancient baobab tree. Watch the sun set leisurely during your return to Fumba on your glorious day in paradise and soak in the rejuvenation