"No-one can return from the Serengeti unchanged, for tawny lions will forever prowl our memory and great herds throng our imagination." - George Schaller

Exploring and discovering the untamed beauty and wildlife of Tanzania with experienced guides at your side sharing their knowledge of flora and fauna is an alternative way to experience Tanzania’s attractions. Exploring the wildlife parks on foot and climbing Kilimanjaro allows travellers to become part of the landscape rather than a mere spectator. In the different safari destinations, a walking in the wild is an optional activity. We have specifically handpicked ideally located tented camps that offer walking activities in between game drives. We can also custom-design a safari that has more extensive walking between camps in the Serengeti, allowing your senses to awaken, as you become part of the environment. Generally, most travellers prefer the leisurely walks in between pre-dawn and late afternoon game drives which can be done during the safari and booking in advance is not required.

At Serengeti, walking safaris are flexibly done with an emphasis of quietly exploring the wilderness around your tented camp or in vast wild areas designated for walking safaris which can be anything from a day or two, or longer expeditions over a few days, supported by a mobile camp. Experiencing the scenic wilderness of Serengeti on foot offers a uniquely rewarding game viewing experience. Watching wildlife by stepping into their world awakens your primal senses and the bush feels even more real and engaging. Going on a walking safari here is soulful and keeps your body feeling well and your appetite well alive.

At Ngorongoro, nature walks can be enjoyed by guests who are spending an overnight or more at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area – the scenic crater rim area above the largest unbroken caldera in the world, the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater. In an afternoon, you can enjoy a leisurely water to explore the diverse landscapes, wildlife and meet the local Maasai people who live in this area. The nature walk on the highlands allows for breathtakingly beautiful sightseeing and away from most travellers which enables you to immerse yourself with this unique ecosystem.

At Tarangire, nature guided walks are rather an extraordinary way to explore this national park that features the highest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania that remain in the park throughout the year. Tarangire is best known for its large baobab trees and the large herds of elephants that flock near the Tarangire river. The southern part is rather more remote, and not very accessible by vehicles and most travellers don’t have the chance to discover it. The southern part of the park is the best spot for a private nature guided walking safari in an area so wild yet picturesque.

At Gombe Stream, Chimpanzee tracking and gentle forest walks on foot to the two waterfalls are the highlight of the park. Gombe Stream is the perfect place for a walking safari, allowing you to cool off along the way with a dip in one of the many streams that traverses the park. Tracking the chimpanzees is a mysterious yet magical experience, the guide’s eyes pick out last night’s nests – shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky. Scraps of half-eaten fruit and fresh dung become valuable clues, leading deeper into the forest. A visit to the nearby fishing town of Kigoma allows you to discover the rich history of the area and enjoy walking to sightseeing landmarks.

At Ruaha National Park, accessing remote areas on foot is part and parcel of the safari activities to be enjoyed in this southern region of Tanzania. On a nature guided walk, you can reach places that safari vehicle can’t since you are not constrained by roads or clear, accessible plains. Walking off the beaten track here offers you a freedom that is different from what you get on a game viewing drive around the park which has more bush that can at times limit viewing wildlife.

The Selous Game Reserve is the ultimate walking safari destination. It’s remote, wild, and sensational – on a walking safari here you feel, here and smell the untouched wild. On nature guided walk you get to see a wide variety of wildlife and the abundant birdlife up close and personal. When you are on foot, getting to watch the wildlife here gives you a rush of excitement in quietness. Walking with your guide at a relaxed pace allows participants to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be easily seen from a safari vehicle on a game drive.

In most of our safari itineraries you can choose to go on a nature guided walk in between game drives at national parks that allow walking safaris. If you would like to go on an extensive safari at Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire we can tailor-make a safari that fits your requirements and pre-arrange the necessities for a successful walking safari in either one or more parks in Tanzania. The below featured itinerary has included nature guided walking activities which you can enjoy at Ruaha and Selous.