Safia Abdalla

Head of Reservations & Finance

I was born and grew up in Pemba Island and I am currently living at Bububu, Zanzibar Island. I have been working with Tima Tours and Safaris for three years and I am responsible for managing reservations for our clients. My day to day work involves making bookings with hotels and beach resorts appropriately for all our clients travelling to Tanzania and Zanzibar Island respectively. Part of my work entails carrying out office communications with different suppliers, ensuring that all our clients are confirmed as booked and should there be unavoidable changes such as flight cancellations, I ensure that our clients are rebooked with a flight that fits with their trip itinerary program and I communicate with the clients to inform them well in advance. I also manage the office finances for smooth operations.

Education and Training

I have a Diploma in Languages with majors in Swahili, English and French. I also have a Degree in Education from State University of Zanzibar. During my years at the university, I was able to meet foreign students who came to learn Swahili and by spending time together, I was able to help them learn quite a lot about the language and the cultures every day which led to a desire to meet, learn about and help even more people from all over the world.


Purpose and Devotion

I am very interested in the tourism sphere, and I am very devoted to my family and passionate about travel. I enjoy interacting with our industry partners, building mutually respectful relationships and networking with different people which helps me understand diverse cultures and their similarities. Zanzibar Island is a beautiful place and visitors get to enjoy discovering the Stone Town lifestyle, tasting the Zanzibari cuisine, and delicacies and it’s amazing when I see them come back again and again. The Zanzibari people have a saying, “Zanzibar Kwema Atakaye Aje” literally in English, “Zanzibar is Amazing Whoever Wants Will Come.”


The Allure of Zanzibar Island

The white powdery beaches of Zanzibar, some of them are lined with coconut trees and the ever-warm Indian Ocean with gentle waves protected by coral reefs that keep the big waves out, as well as sharks and any other undesirables away. The Old City of Stone Town is rich with Zanzibar heritage, spices and genuine people – Zanzibaris smile with their eyes as they say, and we welcome visitors with warmth and a hearty “Jambo” here. The weather is also good and nature is superbly conserved for well-balanced ecosystems within the Zanzibar Archipelago. I feel blessed and happy to live here on the Island and visitors enjoy spending their holiday here which makes it great too.

Favorite Place in Zanzibar Island

My favorite location in Zanzibar is the Nungwi area, in the northern part of Zanzibar. I find serenity by spending time on the long stretch of the beach where the sand is as soft as powder and watching the turquoise ocean. The area is also lively with a myriad of activities happening and the seafood at some of the local restaurants is amazing. It also has a few attractions that make it unique such as visiting the Nungwi Village and watching the dhow building process. 

Recreation Activities I Enjoy During My Free Time

During my free time, I love cooking, visiting family, and local schools in Pemba Island, travelling to new places and occasionally relaxing at the beach with my family.

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