Hamza Mzee

Tour Consultant

I was born at Chake Chake and I am currently living at Jumbi in Zanzibar Island. I work as a Tour Consultant at Tima Tours and Safaris and my day to day work involves communicating with clients and our suppliers to create personalized tour programs for travellers to Tanzania for safaris and beach holidays at Zanzibar Island as well as help adventurers plan their Mount Kilimanjaro trekking programs. I started working with Tima Tours and Safaris seven years ago and over the years I have specialized with tour planning and administrative work at the office.

Education and Training

In 2012, I studied and got my Certificate in Computer Applications and Networking. Later I took a Tour Guiding Course and eventually I furthered my education and graduated with a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. During that time, I was working with Tima Tours and Safaris as a messenger and later started working as a guide after completing my guiding course. I have been involved with office work on a full-time basis for the past four years.


Purpose and Career Development

I value my work because it gives me the opportunity to interact with clients, gain hands-on experience and apply knowledge through research and program development. I also value the fact that I have to keep up with current news for better planning and flexibility for safari, beach holiday and Kilimanjaro climbing tailor-made programs for travellers. After I was promoted in tour operations, I took a Heritage Guides course then found a fulfilling purpose for working in the tourism industry as a full-time tour consultant and from time to time I have directed education news as a freelance anchor for tourism needs on sustainability.

Life in Zanzibar

What I appreciate about Zanzibar most is the community interaction which has its origins from the trading history of spices wafting throughout the narrow streets bustling with markets and vendors. Once a trading port for ships going to and from the Spice Islands, Zanzibar maintains an air of Old World. The colorful market stalls that spread further and further into the maze of Stone Town are attractive and the vendors are very kind when interacting with buyers or just anyone with general questions.

Favorite Place in Zanzibar Island

My favorite place in Zanzibar Island is Nungwi Peninsula which has the perfect mix of ideal beaches and interesting marine, and land activities. The East and West beaches and crystal-clear waters at Nungwi are great for swimming, and the coastal topography and the wind patterns make Nungwi the perfect place for a range of watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing.  At Nungwi there is parasailing and from 300m up in the balmy air, superb views of the coral reefs, the beaches and villages all around this area of coastline and the relaxing spots are very idyllic.

Hobby and Recreation Activities

My hobby is fishing and once in a while I enjoy taking to the Indian Ocean for a good catch. Also during my free time, I do chicken rearing, gardening and I enjoying watching movies on weekends.

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