Khamis Sheha

Tour Guide - Historian

I was born and grew up at Mwembe Ladu in Zanzibar Island. Currently I live at Bububu and commute to the nearby Stone Town for work. I have been working with Tima Tours and Safaris for little over 4 years now and I have enjoyed building my career and every moment of guiding travellers around Zanzibar Island. It’s always interesting to meet visitors at the airport, talk with them while trying to understand them, and in the process getting to know what their recent travel experience was like. In most occasions, I brief travellers after transferring them from the Zanzibar Airport to their place of stay in Stone Town or further to one of the beach resorts for their holiday experience. It turns out that most travellers during this time have spoken about their interests or asked general questions which have led to understanding them better, clarifying certain elements and eventually this helps in making their Zanzibar holiday captivating.

Education and Training

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with majors in English and History from the State of University of Zanzibar. I have Certificates in Tour Guiding, Customer Care, Time Management, Computer Skills and Democracy from the University of Dar es Salaam. During my years in university, I was interested in people from all walks of life which led me to working in tour operations which has been my profession for career development. My specialty is in conducting historical tours such as the: Stone Town Walking Tour and the Zanzibari Cultural Tour to Kizimkazi Village. 

Favorite Region Within Zanzibar Island

Stone Town is my favorite region on the Zanzibar Island due to its different cultures; Swahili, Indian, Arabian and European influences which blend in well to allow the Zanzibari people to interact with kindness which allows travellers appreciate more when walking around and they are able to connect in some way to certain aspects. 

Any General Advice to Zanzibar Visitors 

The general advice I would give any visitor who comes to enjoy their beach holiday on the shoreline beaches of Zanzibar Island is to be cautious of the any stranger trying to sell them a marine activity or excursion. It’s best to seek advice from a professional tour operator for the best arrangement without wasting much of their time and allowing them to make the best of their time while in Zanzibar Island. I also tell them to ask about activities from the hotel receptionists as they are very helpful and they can arrange marine activities such as diving and snorkeling efficiently.

Recreation Activities I Enjoy During My Free Time

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading global news on the internet or watching football matches with friends and neighbours.

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