Khatib Juma

Tour Guide

I was born and grew up at Jang’ombe, Zanzibar Island and I am presently living at Bububu, Zanzibar. I have been working with Tima Tours for 12 years as a Tour Guide. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about the heritage of Zanzibar Island, and the lifestyle of the Zanzibari people as well as ensuring that travellers stay well informed from the time they arrive by briefing them, answering their questions and guiding them on tours. I am interested in the sustainable development of Zanzibar Island and I always try my best to stay up to date with local, regional and international news whenever I am not transferring visitors from one place to the next or guiding them on ground.

Education and Training

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree with majors in English and German. I also have a Diploma in Education with majors in Swahili and English. I started working as a guide here in Zanzibar when I finished my diploma. I was fascinated by the Island’s ecosystems and I always studied any publications I could get my hands on that could help me gain more knowledge about the Zanzibar Archipelago and the mainland of Tanzania.

Why Tour Guiding

It was an easy choice for me to work as a Tour Guide and it has been gratifying to gain experience in the field and increase my awareness about the diverse ecosystems and why sustaining them is so vital for the Island’s people, farming, wildlife and birdlife. I am an animal lover and adventurer at heart so definitely wildlife viewing, even after all these years, it never gets any less amazing. I am passionate about showcasing Zanzibar’s attractions such as the ecological-rich Jozani Forest, taking clients to the Spice Farms and explaining the importance of the different spices as well as how they are used locally.

A Day in My Life As a Tour Guide

My work-days are planned in advance since most of Tima Tours & Safaris clients book their holidays a few months or weeks before their arrival so I am briefed at the office on my weekly program for picking up travellers on arrival at the Zanzibar International Airport and transferring them to the booked hotels. Since most clients have included day tours within their holiday program, I am able to meet them the next day per schedule, I give them a short briefing before we start the tours. Many a times, I will drive clients from Stone Town to the Spice Farms or to Fumba Bay for the Safari Blue Experience in the morning hours. Afternoons are often spent guiding clients on the Stone Town Tour for about 2hours. Late afternoons, and most evenings and late nights are quite flexible depending on the airport transfers I have to make with clients to and from the airport. 

Favorite Tour in Zanzibar Island

The best tour in Zanzibar Island is the Spice Tour to the plantation farms where local farmers grow the different spices, tropical fruits and vegetables. The local farmers are very welcoming and they love showing, and explaining to the visitors the different planted spices, how they are cultivated and harvested as well as processed into finished fine products. I have to say that almost all the travellers confirm to me on the last day when I am transferring back to the airport, that it was their best experience on the Island. Travellers have the opportunity of getting a hands-on experience by touching, smelling and even tasting some of the spices in freshly-prepared food and eating the ripe fruits.

Wonderful Zanzibar Experience

Wandering down the narrow lanes of Stone Town in the afternoon is really an eye-opening experience on the real life of Zanzibar, it enables visitors to understand the Swahili culture more deeply and coming across the many historical sites is wonderful. When travellers see the coral rag houses, the colourful shops and buildings that date to the 19th century with their most striking feature – the ornate doors which are carved out of mahogany or teak and decorated with brass spikes or intricate patterns likes vines or lotus flowers etched onto them, it helps with enjoying the charming spirit of Zanzibar Island.

What’s Extraordinary About Zanzibar Island

The peculiar history of Zanzibar, origin of the present-day people, the fusion of different cultures since the Pharaonic Era, when Egyptian boats sailed here regularly to barter for gold, ivory, frankincense and other goods. Today, the mystique of the Swahili Coast is captured by Zanzibar, and its alias name ‘Spice Island’ whose timeworn capital of Stone Town is a knot of narrow, winding, aromatic alleys lined by traditional Arabia-meets-Africa Swahili facades.

What Makes Zanzibar Suitable for Visitors

It’s a peaceful Island - a cosmopolitan of people with religious tolerance, respect for one another, delicious Zanzibari cuisine, long-stretches of tranquil beaches and rich in cultural heritage.

Recreation Activities I Enjoy During My Free Time

During my recreation time I enjoy, reading novels, newspapers, and magazines, spending time with my family, reading news online and keeping up with developments worldwide.

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